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All Terrain Solar Trailer

The all terrain solar trailer concept was developed by ApocalypsEV to help victims of natural disasters. Each trailer can charge up to 100 devices simultaneously. Keep checking back for updates or follow us on Twitter @apocalypsev1
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The ApocalypsEV-1

The ApocalypsEV-1 is the first electric car ready for anything
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Our current ambition is to create our first street-legal vehicle, the ApocalypsEV1. While “more Mad Max than Mercedes-Benz”**, the ApocalypsEV-1 promises to deliver low cost electric driving in a $5-$8K street-legal ATV design. After the ApocalypsEV-1, we have ambitions to create an apocalypse ready electric roadster in the style of the 1920s grand touring car and a utility vehicle that is available in a van or truck configuration. All the vehicles will aim for a sub $20k price tag.
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The ApocalysEV 1/2 Prototype

Check out the ApocalypsEV 1/2 proof of concept currently under construction
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